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About Us

Dr. Swati Patil

BAMS, Diploma in Cosmetology, Fellowship in Applied Nutrition(FAN), Certificate In Child Nutrition, Certificate in beauty and nutrition, National Diabetes Educators Program(NDEP) ,Certificate Course In Facial Aesthetics

Beautiful things change your emotions in a positive way. Beauty of a magnificent experience gives you the happiness of feeling more than a small person in the world- part of something bigger. I know that people can't be judged on the basis of their outer beauty that really doesn't matter unless the person is good inside out. It gives you an appreciation for life itself and very good experience to being human.

Once the foundation has been made, it becomes very difficult to change it. Thus, the first impression is extremely important because it creates the granite foundation for the way in which people perceive us. It provides people with the glasses through which they see us. This is precisely the reason why people should make every effort to create a good first impression.

Our Vision

When you read a book, see a picture, listen a song which is beautiful you are deeply involved and feel like lost in appreciating the beauty of creation. We all are beautiful and unique creations of god. Each and every word from your mouth reflects your nature, your character, your way of thinking, your priorities, your strengths, your weakness, completely what all your are... This makes your life beautiful...

Our Mission

Here in Tapasya Clinic we try to beautify the person to its best possible way and help to boosts confidence in today’s challenging life. Yet deepening and enhancing their appreciation of beauty will make anyone’s life happier, richer and more fulfilling. We help to resolve the skin and hair problems with the good solutions with giving reliable services ,pampering you as special for each and every treatment which gives good results & Satisfaction.